Best Taco Chips Canada

Best Taco Chips Canada

Best Taco Chips Canada

Fresh is Best makes the best taco chips in Canada. Try a bag today, and decide for yourself. As our name suggests, Fresh is Best uses only fresh, organic, and premium ingredients in all of our products. We established our reputation at local markets, providing healthy alternatives to unhealthy store brands. We’re proud to proclaim that our products are gaining popularity by the day, and can be found in co-ops throughout Western Canada.

But what makes a great taco chip after all? Naturally, the best taco chips in Canada should taste like the best taco chips in Mexico, the home of taco chips. The chips should be crunchy, corny, and seasoned right, not too salty but not salty enough. Further, great taco chips have to be solid. Great taco chips shouldn’t fall apart very easily. They should be able to hold moisture well and scoop up all your toppings without breaking unless you're using a recipe that involves crushing them (like the recipe below).

When making taco chips at home, the quality of the ingredients you use will dictate the quality of your dish. Like our chips, you should use only the finest and freshest produce and ingredients. Of course, it all starts with the chips. Fresh is Best carries yellow corn tortilla chips and tri-color tortilla chips. Our tri-color variety is made with yellow corn tortillas, green jalapeno tortillas, and red chili tortillas. Each bag is salted perfectly with the only the best sea salt available, genuinely making Fresh is Best the best taco chips in Canada.

Taco Chip Tacos Recipe in Canada:
Here’s a tasty taco chip recipe that’s sure to become an instant favorite. This is a simple but delicious recipe that’s easy to modify because a lot of you have different dietary and taste requirements. Feel free to mix up the ingredients and experiment. You can make this dish over and over again and tweak the specs until you get it right.


One package of Fresh is Best tri-color taco shells
One container of Fresh is Best salsa
1 LB ground beef or alternative
1 cup of water
Two tablespoons of Fresh is Best taco seasoning
8 oz Fresh is Best tri-color tortilla chips, crushed
2 cups of your favorite shredded cheese, preferably Mexican cheese
1-3 tablespoons of Fresh is Best hot sauce (depending on how hot you like it)
One whole tomato diced
6 oz fresh romaine lettuce chopped


Brown 1 LB of ground beef in a medium size skillet. Drain excess grease. Add two tablespoons of Fresh is Best taco seasoning with one cup of water. Add more for seasoning for more spice. Mix well. Simmer until sauce thickens. If ground beef isn’t compatible with your diet, try ground turkey or blackened salmon.

Transfer your meat of choice or meat substitute into a mixing bowl. Mix in crushed Fresh is Best tri-color tortilla chips, cheese of choice, and Fresh is Best hot sauce.

Add the mixture to your Fresh is Best tri-color taco shells. Top with lettuce, tomato, more cheese, and your favorite Fresh is Best salsa.  Enjoy.

Best Taco Chips Canada
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