Best Mexican Vancouver

Best Mexican Vancouver

Best Mexican Vancouver

If you think you have to go to a restaurant to get the best Mexican in Vancouver, do think again. If you stock your kitchen with salsa, tortillas, and seasonings from Fresh Is Best, you can whip up a superb south-of-the-border meal any time you like.

Some people are under the impression that you can't get an authentic Mexican meal in Canada. In fact, some very nice local restaurants feature the cuisine of Sinaloa, Oaxaca, Chiapas and other Mexican regions. Many families in British Columbia enjoy the flavorful cuisine of their ancestral homes. If you bet that local restaurant chefs and home cooks make the best Mexican in Vancouver with Fresh Is Best seasonings and side dishes, you'd probably win.

Food regions of Mexico

* El Norte

The part of Mexico that's closest to Canada is known as “El Norte.” Extending some 2,000 miles from the Pacific coast of Baja California to the Gulf of Mexico, this region is famous for hearty meat dishes, including fajitas, machaca and tender cabrito. Queso runs the gamut from fresh farmers cheese to the creamy semi-soft queso menonita of Chihuahua to elegant, smoky asadero. Say gracias to El Norte for giving the world the delicious Sonora burrito and some very nice wines, as well.

* North Pacific Coast

Boasting many miles of ocean shoreline, the North Pacific Coast of Mexico features fish and plenty of it. Favored fish include black sea bass, amberjack, shrimp, marlin and swordfish. Octopus and shrimp are also featured on menus in this region. In and around Guadalajara, cuisine relies on spicy chili peppers, grains, coconuts, pork and mutton. The NPC town of Jalisco is well known for its branded tequila.

* South Pacific Coast

Indigenous cuisine of Guerrero, Chiapas and Oaxaca combines ever-present chicken and pork with a splendid selection of mole. Here food is flavored with regional chiles and herbs that are unique to the area. A hot drink made with hand-ground chocolate, crushed almonds, sugar and cinnamon is a favored treat among locals and visitors to the South Pacific Coast. This region is home to blandas tortillas that you can use to make tamales, empanadas and other examples of the best Mexican in Vancouver. For a truly authentic menu, be sure to serve black beans on the side.

* The Gulf

Take all of the above cuisines, add a generous amount of tropical flavor, and you get something akin to Gulf of Mexico cuisine. Citrus fruits, including oranges and limes blend nicely with flavorful papaya, zapote and mamey to create everything from relishes to desserts. Red snapper prepared Veracruz style is featured on practically every restaurant menu in the region, as are dishes made with sweet potatoes, plantains, peanuts and yucca. If you have no source for local herbs such as cilantro, don't worry. Drop by your local supermarket to browse and buy authentic Mexican ingredients from Fresh Is Best Salsa Company. Before you know it, your kitchen will serve the best Mexican in Vancouver.

Best Mexican Vancouver
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